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After performing his landmark album Illmatic in its entirety last night at Coachella, Nas brought Jay Z to the stage to perform Dead Presidents II and Where I’m From.


when ur going to the mall

and u actually have money



"Fuck you to the San Francisco Police DepartmentFuck you to the Marin County Sheriff’s DepartmentFuck you to the F.B.IFuck you to the C.I.AFuck you to the B-U-S-HFuck you to the AmeriKKKaFuck you to all you redneck prejudiced muthafuckazthat wanna fuck with me, fuck y’all!”  - Tupac Shakur

I’m not well

Depression depressed rageragerage angerangeranger sadness hopelessness suckaz hopelessness suckaz slimy snakes runwitdaquickness hatehatehate betrayal robbery 2nd place2nd2nd not1but2 irrelevant chokehold vice grip caged brain handcuffs insanioindabranio trapped in my thoughts sickness misery black hearted no kindness weakness blood boiling hate in my veins blood is hot unhappy not happy can’t breath shakin all around pain Krazy no screws in my head not on straight stupidity yme dark days y?

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